Devil’s Hopyard State Park is in East Haddam Connecticut. It takes just under an hour to drive there from Hartford and the trip is very much worth it! One of the standout features in this large park (great for hiking) is this beautiful waterfall.

This long exposure photograph was one of a number in a series that I took of the falls. It was definitely challenging to get the exposure right with the constantly changing light. It was a perfect summer day, but the frequent clouds drifting overhead kept me on my toes when it came to getting the exposure and white balance in my camera just right for the light available at any given moment!

Long exposure of the large waterfall in Devil's Hopyard

Below, you can see an example of how tough it is to shoot to jpeg (opposed to RAW) under these conditions. There is no way to recover the blown highlights in the waterfall; just not enough information to work with. So if you are shooting moving water, in sunny conditions and you want to set a long exposure, I highly recommend shooting in RAW mode so that you have a bit of wiggle room when  processing the shots.


unidentified man cools off inside the waterfall

I was actually there to shoot the view from a sheer rock cliff, but a wrong turn on the trail (could have been marked better) sent me off in the opposite direction. After hiking for almost an hour, I realized that something was wrong and turned back after confirming this with the GPS on my iPhone.

I SO wish that I had brought my swimming shorts like the smart fellow in this shot. It was a hot July day and I was melting from the sun and the hilly trail. Would have loved to gone for a swim and stand under one of the waterfalls!

I hope to have time this fall to go back and find that cliff and get some nice shots with the changing leaves. I’ll make sure to post again if I do.