Today the UConn Marching band turned up the heat at their halftime show at Rentschler Field in East Hartford Connecticut.

While performing their rendition of Katy Perry’s song Fireworks the baton twirlers and snare drummers pulled out all the stops and performed with their gear on fire! While this is nothing especially new for baton twirlers, it was a pretty unique experience to see the snare line playing with fire on the tips of their sticks.

UConn Marching Band snare drummer Steve Jack


According to Assistant Director Marvin McNeil, their Yamaha snare drums and sticks were coated with a flame retardant and the drummers wore special flame retardant material on their uniform sleeves to ensure a safe performance.

UConn Marching Band snare drummer

The snare drum line for the UConn Marching Band performing with fire sticks