Visiting Block Island last week presented me with more beautiful landscape and nature photography opportunities than I could possibly manage in a few short days.

This is the first in a short series of posts, and features an image that I shot with my relatively new Nikon 14mm f/2.8 lens. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment, but you really have to think about your subject and plan your angles carefully.

While the tide was low, I managed to get out on the rocks and grab some shots of the incoming surf. It looks like I was MUCH closer to the water than I really was thanks to the wide (114 degree) field of view. The very mild distortion around the edges of the frame helped to create the illusion of  close proximity, when in reality my gear (and me) were not in much danger of getting soaked. Okay… maybe a little bit of danger, but it was worth the slight risk!

Want to get this shot for yourself? Here’s how:

Just head on down to the southern shore of Block Island to the Southeast Lighthouse, then head west on Spring St.. You’ll quickly see on your left, an entrance to the stairway (over 130 steps) down to the rocky beach. Once you reach the bottom, head west again, and you’ll come across this and many other great vistas about 500 feet down the beach. Oh yeah… remember those 130+ stairs down? Well you get to feel the burn at the end of your photographic adventure while you climb back up!

Fair warning – Hurricane Sandy blasted away the last section of steps, so you’ll have to scramble down (and eventually back up) about 20 feet of steep rock to get to the beach. Hopefully the last stretch will be re-built someday soon.

Don’t want to go to all of that trouble? Good news for you! I’ve conveniently made this and other fine art prints available for purchase by clicking here!

Stay tuned for more!