After many late hours (and cans of diet Coke), the new and improved website for BillMorganMedia has officially launched!

Welcome to my blog – something new for me I must admit, but I’m really looking forward to sharing my photographic adventures with you and getting to know more about you as well.

Just a word about the site as it stands (read – disclaimer) my main focus has been getting those parts of the site that are related to photography up and running first. With that accomplished (mostly), I will turn my attention to sprucing-up the design and video elements over the next month. For now, if you click on the design or video icons or menu items, you will be taken to either my old site, or, my Youtube page.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and invite you to come back soon as I will be regularly updating this site with photos and stories about the projects that I am currently involved in. I really hope that you’ll take a moment to leave a comment to say “hi” and/or share your thoughts.

Oh yeah… I’m doing the social media thing too! If you would like to know when something new happens around here, you can follow me on Twitter or my Facebook for BilMorganMedia. Just click on the icons in the menu bar above to gain access.